Sunday, September 28, 2008

A View of the City

Brent and I were out and about a few weeks before our wedding and ended up having a few drinks at a bar in Mt. Adams. This place has 4 balconies and we were sitting at the top just soaking in the view of the city. Fantastic!


So the olympics are over, but on the night of the opening ceremony, our friend John threw a party. We came dressed as our favorite sporting events or countries. Since Brent and I have such a collection of Vietnamese items, we came representing Vietnam. There were events for us to participate in (Flip Cup, Duck Hunt Wii, Guitar Hero and our favorite Communist Cornhole). There were medals at the end of the evening. My team (Craig and myself) didn't do so hot with the events, however Brent and Ryan did win third place earning them a bronze medal. Here are pictures from that night.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Post

So after months of reading and looking at pictures of several friends' blogs, I decided to create a blog too. I did however think to myself, "what will I blog about?". Then it came to me. "I did just get married! That's something to talk about!"

Exactly 18 days ago, Brent and I got married! It was the most fabulous day and we had an absolute blast! The weather was perfect, the day went off without a hitch and I think all our guests had a good time. Couldn't have been more wonderful.
I was so cool, calm and collected the final days before the wedding. I somehow managed to take care of all my things by Wednesday (or at least knew they were being taken care of by my wedding coordinator), so I was able to enjoy family and friends coming into town beginning Thursday.
It rained all day Friday and somehow I knew to not worry. The weather folks said over and over that it was going to be dry on Saturday and so I believed them. For the rehearsal, it stopped raining just long enough for us to complete what we had to do and then it started raining again as we left.
Saturday was absolutely beautiful. Bright blue sky and dry! Those weather folks were right! I was worried about mud at the ceremony, but the ground was dry. As the ceremony began, sun was gleaming down to the guests, but suddenly a cloud came by and lessened the grips on the squinters for the ceremony. It was very poetic. Poeticly perfect.

Afterwards for our honeymoon, Brent and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a long awaited vacation. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Loved every minute of it. We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun. Aah....fantastic! It was an all inclusive resort and it seriously makes you not want to travel any other way. Didn't have to worry about money, food, water, nothing. We just ate and drank our way through our honeymoon.
Unfortunately, we were scheduled to fly back to Cincinnati when there was an 80 mph windstorm flying through the area. Cincinnati, Dayton and I think some of Columbus had major power outage. So we were stuck in Miami, Florida. Not a bad place to be stuck, but we didn't have our luggage and besides the Browns game was on, so Brent had to find a TV. We finally ended up flying in the next morning and our bags arrived the next afternoon. We also came home to power and missed the event entirely. Some of our friends weren't so lucky.