Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Girls from Ames

I just finished reading my book for bookclub. It was The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow. It was a quick read! It's not your typical book where there is a plot, a climax and an ending. It was more stories being told by 10 friends who have been friends for 40 years. It really made me think of some of my friendships, especially those that I've had since childhood. They joke in the book that they don't remember specifically meeting each other, they just always were there. I have often thought the same thing about my friendships. I don't remember meeting them, they have always been there.

Happy Fourth of July

Brent and I traveled to KC over the holiday weekend. We stayed with my parents and made the rounds to many friends (unfortunately not all). We celebrated with the Foxes, of course. Catherine was in town with her new fiance, Zach. ...and a baby bump! She looked fabulous as always.

We watched fireworks and Jacques was SO excited for was all he talked about! He was even excited about staying up past his bedtime. He is such a hoot.

He was also into telling jokes. He had one that he had mastered the delivery. Brent also taught him a knock knock joke. It's the "knock knock, who's there, banana...knock knock, who's there, banana...knock knock, who's there, you glad i didn't say banana again?" So Jacques thought that's how the knock knock jokes went. you name a fruit, say it a couple times, then change the fruit after a couple times. Four year olds are hilarious!