Monday, July 29, 2013

Tuckered out

Brent posted this to Facebook with the caption of "Sleeping never looked so cool"

Love this little girl!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zoo trip #3

Abby and I went to the zoo for the third time this summer with a friend of mine and her two boys.  Each time we go, we see different animals and do different things.  We had never been to the petting zoo area at the zoo, so Abby got to brush a goat.  She didn't like, however, feeding the goats.  You had to feed them through the fence or allow the goats to put their front paws on the fence and feed over the fence.  That was too much for Abby.  She'll just brush goats, thanks.  
Poor Brent misses out on all the fun we're having this summer!  :(

Saturday, July 13, 2013

While the cat's away, the mice will play!

Contrary to what this blog tends to make you think, but Brent and I are together a lot and spend plenty of family time together.  With that being said, Brent went down to Lake Cumberland with his buddies this weekend for a last minute guys' trip.  I guess that makes me the nice wife (that's what Brent tells me anyway) since I "let" Brent participate in all these golf outings (he had 3 in a 10 days!), a guy's trips and any other activities that take time away from our family.  Really, though, I have to admit that I really don't mind that much.  Despite the fact that I am Mommy 100% of the time, I kinda look forward to my time alone (when Abby is napping or down for the night).

So far this weekend:

  • Abby and I had a picnic lunch at the park with a co-worker friend and her daughter.  Rosie and her daughter, Lyla, met us for a 2 part date.  The first part was lunch and playing on the playground and the second part was going to The Cone for ice cream and riding on the coin operated rides.  The weather was gorgeous and it was fun to play outside enjoying the cool July breeze.  
  • Abby and I went to play at a friend's house.  Andrea and her two kids, Xavier and Juliet.  We played in their backyard where there was a blow up bounce house, a sandbox, a water table AND a baby pool.  After the initial apprehension of the bounce house, Abby quickly became efficient in climbing in and out and bouncing in it.  I think several times too, all 3 kids were playing at 3 different stations.  We then stayed for dinner and the adults enjoyed Indian (YUM!) while the kids ate kid food.  

  • We ran errands - Meijer, Kohl's...Abby is a great shopper!  
  • Abby took an early nap - like 2 hours early!  I didn't fight it and just let it happen.  She slept for close to 2 hours, so the girl needed it.  And she managed to stay kind the rest of the day until bedtime.  I was worried she'd be a crankpot in the evening after napping too early.
  • Abby and I had a spontaneous date with Lily (and Heather and Ryan) to the Cone (again!).  They were up in our neck of the woods and called us up for a ice cream date.  We can't turn down ice cream and a chance to play with Lily!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Story time

I have loved taking Abby to the library this summer for storytime.  It has been our Tuesday morning routine for the past several weeks. The librarians there do a great job of putting together a theme and finding books, chants, dances and simple activities to keep a child's attention.  

Abby has also loved picking out some books for us to check out.  And by "picking out books", I mean Abby pulling random books off the shelf and me having to place them back on the shelf and then I find 10 books that I think she'll enjoy and shove them into a bag as somewhat as quickly as I can.  I noticed this week that she knew what direction to run when going to the children's section of the library.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Abby's Language Update

Abby language has burst again and it is so fun to watch!  She's beginning to put two words together spontaneously and even imitates 3-5 word phrases.  

Spontaneous 2 words:
Hi Mommy
Hi Daddy
Hi Lacey
Hi Elmo
Elmo sleeping 
No poopy
No _______ (whatever it is we're asking her what she wants or to do)
Blue cup
Mommy's cup
Daddy's cup
Abby's cup
Mommy's spoon
Daddy's spoon
Abby's spoon
Mommy's shirt
Daddy's shirt
Abby's shirt
Mommy's chair
Daddy's chair
Abby's chair

Are you seeing a pattern here?  It's cute and this is what our dinner conversation consists of - labeling what all the colors are of our food, plate and utensils and who they belong to.  Abby continues to learn signs.  Her latest signs that she uses regularly are:

change (as in diaper change)

She is beginning to sing songs to herself too.  I've caught her singing ABCs and Twinkle twinkle (which by chance has the same tune as ABCs).  She also likes to sing/chant along to Five Little Monkeys and when it's time to say "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"...she actually attempts to say it!  I have it on video, but it's not letting me upload it.  But be rest assured, it's darn cute!