Friday, June 25, 2010

I was at a baby shower last weekend and we were commenting how our lives have dramatically changed since this time last year:

Several babies have been born.
Several babies have been created (but not yet born).
People have gotten married.
Houses have been purchased and sold.
Several moved (or will move) away to different states.
New jobs have been obtained.
Couples have broken up.
New couples have been formed.

It's crazy to think back to last year and what we didn't know was going to happen this year.

Makes me ponder what will next year bring??

Busy? Nah. Changes? Maybe a Few...

Brent and I have been a little bit busy. Let me explain.

We bought a house. That meant lots of wallpaper removing, spackling, sanding, taping, painting, etc. That in itself is tedious.

You can see pictures of the house and it's transformation on our picasa site. Our kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway have been painted. Now Brent is working on the guest bathroom. The toilet is sitting in the tub right now as he paints the bathroom and lays some new tile. Our deadline is next weekend when my parents come to visit. This will be their first time back to Cincinnati since the wedding.

I then started the orientation process at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. What a greuling process! All sorts of lectures, tests, paperwork to go through. I will say, that everyone that I have encountered at CCHMC has been kind, helpful and overall very welcoming. That's been 4 days this week of orientation and then 2 more days next week! Seriously! I'm anxious to get started and see for myself how other speech pathology departments function and how I match up.

Where do I find time to have another job? Well, I have to quit one. I worked my final shift at Cheesecake. After nearly 6 (!) years there, it was time to say goodbye. People keep asking me if I'm sad...and I'm really not. Is that wrong?! I know that bigger and brighter things are to come, so I'm not sad about leaving. Besides, they're not going anywhere. If I want to stop in and say hi and eat, it's a public place, I can do that.

Our apartment will no longer be ours at the end of the month. Since we moved our stuff, our apaprtment has just been sitting there in its dirty state for a couple weeks. This weekend it's my task to clean that to our landlord's satisfaction (hopefully she doesn't have high standards...because I'm sick of cleaning!).

And then, not necessarily a change, but another excuse to have a party, really...
Brent passed his CCSP exam!
Remember all those trips to Chicago Brent has done for the past 8 months (September through April) to earn a certification as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Well, we just got the results in the mail last week and HE PASSED! YEA! Hopefully this will allow him to market himself to a new target audience and bring is more business.

THEN...come August big changes are coming at my Butler County job. I know, remember that job? I'll be moving offices and adding some roles and responsibilities. Still an SLP though!

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.