Friday, January 30, 2009

Rock Band Obsession

So Brent is now the proud owner of Rock Band. He was able to purchase it thanks to a gift card to Best Buy from my parents (thanks?!). We hauled the loot up to Lima this past weekend for a fun family evening activity. There were some grudges heard in the crowd initially, but after a few songs, everyone was into it! I was on baby duty, so I didn't get into the mix until after Natalie went to bed. Kevin rocked it on the bass guitar.
You might notice that Brent is playing with a wooden spoon and a plastic spoon. You see, Brent forgot to pack the drumsticks that went with the set and so we had to improvise once we got to Lima. The next morning, I was playing the drums and I was rocking it out so hard that I broke the plastic spoon head right off. I yelped, but then kept right on playing without skipping a beat.

7th Annual Wine Party

So for seven years now, Lauren and I have hosted a "wine and cheese" party. The party has evolved as the years have passed, but we still have a good time each and every year. This year, the party just happened to fall on my (30th!) birthday. So it turned out to be a wine party/birthday party.
Happy Birthday to Me! :)
All the speechie girls together again!

Jen and Bryan Bueter joined us from Columbus. We were so glad that they were able to make arrangements and come down. We enjoy seeing them any chance we get!
Of course, I had to add a picture of Natalie (...and Megan and Kevin)! She's 7 months now and is cute as ever. She is such a delightful child to be around.

Missy, myself and Crystal. Both co-workers, well, sorta. Missy doesn't work for MRDD anymore, but she does work in our building, so we still see her often!

Surprise Christmas

This past Christmas, Brent and I got a little devious and decided to surprise my mom in KC for Christmas. Dad was in on the plan to help smooth things over. I had to make the phone call to mom saying that we were unable to come to KC this year because we couldn't get enough time off. I hung up the phone and I snickered. Little did she know that Brent and I were planning on driving to KC and then staying for 3 days.

We arrived on a Saturday evening. Dad answered the door and called Mom to come too. As she grumbled up the stairs from the basement, she rounded the corner and was completely shocked to see Brent and I standing in the entryway. She shreiked and cried and clapped her hands with glee knowing that she could spend a Christmas with us.