Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in review

I have seen some other people do this, so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and take this time to remember the past year and the events that have happened. Maybe when I'm old and grey(er), I'll look back and reminisce.

To begin 2009, I turned 30. We celebrated by a doing dual purpose party - we combined our annual wine party with my birthday party.

Brent and I celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary. Cheesy, I know, but it's something that we both remember. We went to dinner at Arthur's (where we had our first date) and the night was full of symbolism. On the way to out to eat, we heard the OC theme song on the radio. And for those who know, we bonded on our first date over the dumb show (I can say that now, but ssh! don't tell Brent!)and even watched an episode on our first date. Another moment of symbolism is that we found a nickel (5 cents...5 years) on the sidewalk.

I'm chuckling, because the one thing that comes to mind about March is that I got a Blackberry. Hey, it's a moment to remember! Around this time, I began volunteering at church in Kids Club. I'm in the three's room...never a dull moment with a ton of three-year-old kids. I often come home with one-liners that the kids say.
We celebrated Brent's birthday. Brent and I met his mom and Dennis for dinner. Brent and I also started the South Beach diet in April. I lost a total of 15 pounds...just don't ask if I've maintained! I also hosted Stephanie's bridal shower. As the matron of honor, it was my proud duty. We had it at Essencha Tea House and had the best lunch and tea.

My friend, Bethany, and I co-hosted Stephanie's bachelorette party. We had a BLAST! Dinner, wine bottling at Tino Vino, penis shaped cookie decorating contest (Hey, it's a bachelorette party for pete's sake...what's one without your token penis paraphanalia??) and then we headed out onto the town. Also in May, our dear friends, Andy and Lisa Lee, moved to Chicago. So sad...end of an era. We had a couple "goodbye" dinners.
June began with unemployment for Brent. Not an ideal time, but when is, really? However, in the end, we know it was for the best. Besides, we wouldn't have Cullen Chiropractic and Wellness Center if we didn't endure. We also traveled to Florida for Stephanie and Craig's wedding, as I was the matron of honor. We spent the whole week at the beach before celebrating the big day. In June we also celebrated our niece's first birthday. You remember our niece, Natalie, right? I mean how could you not? It's not like I never talk about this adorable girl!


We traveled to KC for the 4th. It was fun watching fireworks and hanging out with friends and family.


In August, I helped to pull off Lauren's surprise 30th birthday party! I worked with Lauren's husband Niel and my other friend Stephanie to create a spectacular surprise. No matter how the party itself goes, as long as the surprise party was in fact a surprise, the party is deemed a success. And that was the case with this party.
Brent and I celebrated our one year anniversary! Crazy to think that we were married over a year ago! We ate at a new restaurant and had fun eating our cake from our wedding.

September also brought some traveling for Brent and me, just not together. I traveled to Cape Cod for my uncle's wedding. What a fantastic celebration event that was! While I was there, Brent drove to Chicago for the beginning of his CCSP - Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He gets to travel to Chicago once a month for 10 months to fullfil this certification. See? If he were still at his old employer, he wouldn't have been able to do this and Brent is excited to open up his client base with this certification. Oh, also of note, Brent began seeing patients with his new company!


I went to two weddings, while Brent only got to attend one. Guess where he was? Chicago! (Total weddings missed by Brent: 2). It's funny because now when I go to weddings after experiencing my own, I see it with a different eye. Before, I never noticed the photographer, never paid attention to the order of events, but now I do! (And my own wedding always wins out in the end...because it was AWESOME!)


Another trip...this time to Houston, Texas. Several girlfriends and I flew down to Houston to meet the newest arrival. Our friend, Kim, delivered Jane just 2 months prior to our arrival, so we got to meet the cutie. We didn't do much sight-seeing, just a little shopping and a lot of lounging! I also got to go with Brent to Chicago to visit Andy and Lisa! That was fun to see their new pad and see Lisa and her growing belly.
December began Brent and I seeing Chicago at the Arnoff. Loved it. Spectacular. Would go again in a heartbeat. Our friends, Melissa and Rob Hite, announced that they were moving to Arkansas, so as quickly as they announced it, they were off! We, of course, had a goodbye party for them.

The holidays were a blast...celebrating in Lima for 2 Christmases and then driving to KC to spend Christmas with my parents, family and friends. We even got to have a white Christmas!

Can't wait to see what 2010 brings! Happy New Year!