Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Friend Again

Since the world of facebook has opened their doors per se, I've been able to get in touch with so many people from my past that I hadn't talked to in years! Most recently, I've been in touch with Lydia (Krause) Crandall who went to high school with me. She just moved to the Queen City about 6 months ago and seriously, she lives minutes away. Facebook got us in touch and finally, after 6 months we met up. It was her birthday on Saturday and she invited us over for a grill out. Brent was still a little buzzed from our morning St. Paddy's Day Breakfast, but after a nap, he was good to go! We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot! I think my abs got their workout for a while. This is Lydia and her birthday cake. Strawberry Cake with Rainbow Icing. She has it every year. It was very good!
She licked every single one of those candles as she pulled them out. And I'm pretty sure we all ate some melted wax with our cake that night.

Demonstrating the seventh grade dance style. I think they're trying to look away, because of course, that'd be more true to seventh grade fashion!

And this is Shawn Chris-Pat. This darn chicken became the focal point of many of our laughs for the night. I would try to explain it to you, but I'd just get looks. So, let's just say that we laughed. A lot.

St. Paddy's Breakfast

Our friend hosts a St. Paddy's Day Breakfast. This year there was a potato bar, waffles, pancakes and all the toppings one could ever think of. I revisted the pancake table often.
Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Fun night out

Annemarie, Jon, Alysha, Brett, myself and Brent. We're out enjoying a beer as you can see. Jon is playing in a band (well, not at that moment, they were taking a break!) and we went to listen to them. Annemarie is Brent's cousin. Brett is Annemarie's husband and he is the one that turned Brent onto tennis. Jon is Brett's brother and also played tennis with Brent in high school. Alysha had a baby 10 weeks ago...doesn't she look fabulous?!
I remember laughing a lot that night. Never a dull moment with those folks!
aww...the cute newlyweds!

Rock Band Obsession Continuation

this is a video from rock band. so intent. so serious. so...sucking the life out of my husband! Seriously, it's not THAT bad. and everyone has gotten substantially better since this video. Megan and Kevin are now also the proud owners of Rock Band, so they can practice their skills too. Greg, on the other hand, has given up on his vocal skills to actually play in a real band. Traitor. just kidding!