Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Helper

While we were in Lima, Natalie was very excited to help feed Abby.  We even got the "I get to feed Abby" song.  The meal?  Bananas. 

However, I failed to give proper direction to Natalie prior to feeding Abby as Natalie shoveled overflowing spoonfuls of food in Abby's mouth.  Not that Abby minded, she loves bananas!  Regardless, I have to say, it was rather cute.   

I love the way Abby is looking at Natalie in this photograph!

Sippy Cup

Trying out the sippy cup...

Park Fun

I know Abby has swung in a swing at daycare, but Brent and I have yet to swing with her.  So as far as I'm concerned, this was her first time swinging.  But, this was her first time swinging in a bucket swing!  So it is an actual first.  See?  I knew I'd find a loophole!

At first, I misjudged the size of the swing... "Uh, Daddy?  Mommy?  This swing is too big!  I can't see a thing unless I turn my head my head a certain way and squish it..."  In my defense, it looked much smaller from the parking lot through my car window. 
So we moved to a better swing fit for Abby.  Abby says "Aah, much better!  I can see!"  She loved the swing.  She looks like such a big girl holding on with both hands. 

Thanks Amy Palmer for the ladybug hat!  With such fair skin and a bald head, hats are a necessity!  So far she doesn't pull them off...even when the strap gets trapped in her mouth. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time with Grandma

Abby and Grandma T (or Grammy Sue...those names seem to be interchangable) had a fun time together on our last trip to Lima.  Lots of giggles and snuggles. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 months

Happy Half Birthday to my sweet little girl!  Six months have just flown by!  Just think that Brent and I have been able to keep this baby alive AND happy for six months.  Whew! 
This first picture is my favorite...spit up and drool coming out of her mouth.  That seems to be a constant in our lives, so it's nice that it was captured on film for all to see.  She ALWAYS needs a bib on, however even with a bib on, I manage to get slimed one way or another.  We have even started to "double bib" as some bibs don't have the plastic underneath, so her shirt just gets soaked just as much as the bib.  Isn't that the purpose of the bib?  To protect the clothes?  So, we put a plastic lined on underneath and then a wider, more absorbant bib on top.  That seems to lengthen the time between bib changes.   

New things happening at 6 months:
  • rolling over from back to belly at night - every night.  We woke up one day last week to find her on her belly in her crib. And she's been on her belly every night since then.  Soon, I think the toosh will be going up in the air while on her belly and that'll be a pose to document! 
  • rolling from belly to back.  She seems to favor rolling over on her left side, so we keep encouraging both ways. 
  • sitting up without support.  I feel like this skill snuck up on us!  One day she needed assistance and the next she was on her own. 
  • bringing feet to her mouth.  Every time we lay her down, pop! go the feet to her mouth. 
  • pulling off her socks.  Soon it'll be warm enough to not need socks, so I'll get a break from fighting that battle this summer. 
  • babbling.  She's quite chatty.  All sorts of sounds! 
  • raspberries.  She loves making raspberries with her bottom lip.  She'll imitate us making raspberries with her tongue too. 
  • solid foods.  so far so good!  you saw the video right?
  • she's inconsistent with sleeping through the night.  I feel like we celebrate one night, but the very next night she's waking up 1-2 times.  Ugh.  So obviously that's a battle we're still working through. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Foods

At 2 days shy of 6 months, Abby had her first taste of solid food - sweet potatoes!  We waited until she was closer to 6 months and when she was giving us those "readiness signs" to start solid food.  So far she's had sweet potatoes and bananas and loves them.  She keeps grabbing our hand to shovel it in faster. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Since our Easter was spent saying goodbye to the Davis Grandparents and traveling back to Cincinnati, we didn't get a traditional picture with the Easter Bunny.  Oh well, maybe next year.  So, to make up for it, I dressed Abby up and we had our own photo shoot Easter style (aka throw some plastic Easter eggs and voila!  It's an Easter photo shoot). 

The yellow blanket was hand knitted by Rosalie Davis - we love it!  The purple dress and hat was a gift from Lisa Lee and the pink dress was on the clearance rack at The Children's Place.  Score! 
Happy Easter!