Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Can't turn right"

We joke that Abby doesn't turn right and does a "sit and spin" with her right arm dangling in the air.  We chuckle when we see her doing this. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 month video

8 months

As if getting a picture of a stationary child is hard enough, but throw in a piece of paper meant to be left alone to be read for a photo and that's darn near impossible!  I managed to get one photo without the paper being crumpled because I don't think Abby realized the paper was there yet.  You can see she has tears in her eyes in the first photo, but I don't remember her crying.  Hmph. 

8 month milestones:
  • Began eating breakfast, lunch AND dinner with solid foods.  She hasn't rejected any foods so far and seems to accept any spoon that comes in vicinity to her mouth.  Daycare provides her breakfast and lunch and then we feed her dinner at home.  She still takes 5 liquid feedings too...I feel like she's eating all the time in some way or another!  It's almost time to space out the liquid feedings...
  • She's holding the sippy cup by herself all the time now.  Holding the bottle is another story however. 
  • She's feeding herself puffs and other finger foods successfully. 
  • Moving in and out of sit.  For a long time she would sit and not move from that position.  That made things easy!  If a toy was in her reach, she'd bend over and extend her arms to reach the toy.  If a toy was just out of reach, eh, she decided she didn't need the toy anyway.  We woke up at 4:30 am one night to find her sitting up in her crib.  (It has been a while since being woken up in the middle of the night!)  Luckily, the novelty of that wore off fast and she hasn't woken up again with that skill.  Until next skill...pulling to stand!  So far we've seen her do it a couple of times, so that's next!
  • Teething - she's got two teeth sprouting on her bottom gums!  She spiked a fever sprouting those darn things too.  She was pitiful and I ended up staying home with her one weekend while Brent represented us at a family gathering. 
  • Abby's "crawl".  Abby has her own unique crawl.  If I could describe it well on here, I would, but I can't.  Only a video of it would be successful.  And I don't have one of those.  Believe me, it's a lopsided crawl, but she gets around now! 
  • Because of her newfound mobility, baby gates have gone up!  We have the stairs blocked on all levels. 
  • Oh, changing diapers have become a battle!  She immediately wants to roll over...and with a poop smeared tooshie that doesn't make for the best situation.  We try to give her a pacifier or a toy or both to distact her.  Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn't.  That makes changing her on her seemingly high changing pad more scary and dangerous.  So oftentimes we choose the floor to change diapers.