Friday, August 26, 2011

Nursery Progress 5

We now have a crib assembled. And paint on the walls...even time has been spent touching up the walls. The clinds and curtains are back in place. A painted dresser (not pictured) is also back in the room. We are still waiting for our glider to arrive. Once that is in place, we will begin hanging things on the wall.

So now, we are slowly putting things in place. All those clothes we have are being hung and folded with care and stored away. Toys are being collected in a bin. Books are lined up on the shelf. Blankets are folded...but now where to go yet... Diapers and other changing necessities are being organized.

34 weeks

The countdown is on. 6 weeks until the estimated due date for our baby girl to arrive.

Despite me feeling good, I've received comments such as: "You're waddling!" or "Every time I see you, you're walking slower and slower." However, there are some folks who tell me that I look tiny and that I'm 'all belly'. I like those comments much better (they must be lying, but that's okay)!

I went to my doctor's appointment today and the NP told me that I actually lost weight! She gave me a big weight gain lecture last time, so I guess I took it to heart and made a more conscious decision that I realized and watched what went in my mouth. I do have to say that my appointment before last that spurred the lecture, Brent was gone and I'm pretty sure I took advantage of that time...ifyouknowwhatImean... Regardless, the NP seemed pleased with my weight gain. And, as a result, so am I. I talked about my weighing procedure in a previous post here.

This weekend Brent and I are going on a 'babymoon' to Nashville, TN. I don't either one of us have ever been there (driving through on any occasion does not count), so we're taking the weekend to spend quality time with each other without any distractions. Our last hurrah, if you will. Not Brent's last hurrah however, but OUR last hurrah together before we start new hurrahs with our new addition. I'm sure there will be a blog post about Nashville.

Is that not the cutest picture of Lacey? She's finally learning to take pictures quicker. I mean it's only been 34 weeks of taking pictures with me that she's finally learned to sit facing out and look at the camera. I say this week...we'll see what kind of pictures we get next time. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Shower

As many of you know, there are 4 of us in my office (not agency, not Early Intervention department, my immediate 4-wall office!) all due within 7 weeks of each other. Our department decided that doing one big gigantic shower was better than 4 separate showers. So that is what we did. It was dubbed the "babython shower".

Left to right - Laura (due August 15) update: August 15 has come and gone....and she's still pregnant. Jenny (due Sept 23), myself (due October 6) and Jamie (due Sept 6 with twins) update: Jamie's twins were born July 14 at 32 weeks after being on bedrest since May at 23 weeks. Look at that haul! Just think, all 4 of us got a table looking like this!

It was a very nice shower and I am very lucky to work in such a place that has such kind generous people. Love my job.

Nursery Progress 4

Monday and Tuesday evening was dedicated to assembling the crib. Whew! It came in a lot of parts! Our bedtime on those evenings was much later than normal as we were assembling with excitement knowing that our little one will be sleeping in that crib and staring at the striped walls.

Now our next step is to bring in the dresser (that's recently painted a pale pink) and bookshelf. We're still waiting on our glider. I can't wait to begin putting all our baby gear away in a permanent spot! Right now, it's all shoved in the corner of our living room and in the closet.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nursery Progress 3

Sunday evening Brent required help taping off for the next phase of this nursery makeover. We bribed our neighbors with dinner (well, kinda...we merged our leftovers to make a meal) so they would come over. While Tara and I watched Project Runway from this past week, Graham and Brent were upstairs taping. Sounds like a good set up if you ask me.

Monday afternoon was spent with the brown paint - it's called chocolate fudge. Boy, did it look like it! I kept wanting to dip a strawberry or my finger in it to taste it.

What will become of this nursery?? Stay tuned....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nursery Progress 2

We've (read: Brent) started painting last Friday. He put in a lot of time figuring out how high we wanted the stripe on the wall and then measuring and finally taping it all off. I'm glad he has that attention to detail and patience as I have a short attention span with that sort of stuff. On Sunday he filled in the walls and painted the pink stripe.

Stay tuned for the next update!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nursery Progress

There has been a ton of work to help clear out this room to even begin preparations to make it a proper baby's nursery. When we moved in a year ago, this room became an office. There was a huge corner desk and a recliner...and lots of boxes. Tons of boxes of crap, er, I mean, stuff that we cherish dearly and can't get rid of.

I always had a good intention of getting in there and organizing and actually making it into a functional office. However, life happens. And frankly, that room got totally overwhelming of a task for me to even know where to begin. So stuff started piling up. It was an ugly room when the stuff was in it. Now, it's a pretty room. Funny thing is, this is one of the nicest painted rooms we have in our house. It must have been professionally painted because comparing to the our bedroom and guest bedroom paint jobs...whew! No contest. But this room is currently being painted to make it more appropriate for a baby.

32 weeks

Here we are at 32 weeks. I feel like I have really "popped" in the last couple weeks. I need to do a comparison blog. Still feelilng good overall...bending over is more difficult and I find myself getting winded easier. Just going up and down our stairs (split level mind you!), I get winded!

Starting a few days ago, I keep feeling body parts poke out on my right side. I usually poke/rub/push back and then the body part floats away and hides until the next poke. I find myself just sitting with my hand on my belly pushing in as she tends to like my upper right abdomen area just under my ribs. I had a family ask while I was at a home visit for work if I was okay sitting on the floor. I guess I looked uncomfortable or something. Baby does get hiccups quite often. I feel them down in my lower abdomen. They're very faint so I don't always notice them right away, and they tend to end after a few minutes.

We had to relocate our picture to another wall (maybe we should have been doing it on this wall along!) because stuff has been moved around in our house to allow the baby's room to take shape. That will be another blog entry about the room progress. Even though we're on a different wall, we still got our obligatory Lacey picture.

What I see

What I should see....(don't pay attention to my ugly feet!)

But what I actually see....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Progress!

Finally I feel like there is progress being made directly in the baby's room. There's been quite a bit of moving/jettisoning/recycling of things in our house to prepare for preparations for the baby's room, and now we're finally ready to touch the nursery.

On Friday night we went to Lowe's to specifically pick out paint colors. Hot Friday date night...we even had dinner before hand at Chick-Fil-A. Oh la la, you're all jealous I know! So anyway, going paint shopping is not one of my top items of fun things to do. Friday night or not. Last time we picked out paint was for the living room/dining room/kitchen/hallway and that was just completely overwhelming because I had to pick a color from a gazillion colors. Brent always says that I can tell you what I don't want, but have difficulty telling you what I do want. So that expierence was a fun one...we all chuckle about it now.

This time was a bit different since we were trying to match colors to our bedding that we chose. We had decided upon a design and now we needed specific colors to match. Much less overwhelming than my previous paint experience. Brent and I were relatively in and out of Lowe's with no animosity between us. Date night success!

Today, Brent has purchased the paint needed and is beginning the task of priming the walls and painting the dresser.

I'll try and post some pictures of the progress.