Friday, August 26, 2011

34 weeks

The countdown is on. 6 weeks until the estimated due date for our baby girl to arrive.

Despite me feeling good, I've received comments such as: "You're waddling!" or "Every time I see you, you're walking slower and slower." However, there are some folks who tell me that I look tiny and that I'm 'all belly'. I like those comments much better (they must be lying, but that's okay)!

I went to my doctor's appointment today and the NP told me that I actually lost weight! She gave me a big weight gain lecture last time, so I guess I took it to heart and made a more conscious decision that I realized and watched what went in my mouth. I do have to say that my appointment before last that spurred the lecture, Brent was gone and I'm pretty sure I took advantage of that time...ifyouknowwhatImean... Regardless, the NP seemed pleased with my weight gain. And, as a result, so am I. I talked about my weighing procedure in a previous post here.

This weekend Brent and I are going on a 'babymoon' to Nashville, TN. I don't either one of us have ever been there (driving through on any occasion does not count), so we're taking the weekend to spend quality time with each other without any distractions. Our last hurrah, if you will. Not Brent's last hurrah however, but OUR last hurrah together before we start new hurrahs with our new addition. I'm sure there will be a blog post about Nashville.

Is that not the cutest picture of Lacey? She's finally learning to take pictures quicker. I mean it's only been 34 weeks of taking pictures with me that she's finally learned to sit facing out and look at the camera. I say this week...we'll see what kind of pictures we get next time. :)

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