Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Shower

As many of you know, there are 4 of us in my office (not agency, not Early Intervention department, my immediate 4-wall office!) all due within 7 weeks of each other. Our department decided that doing one big gigantic shower was better than 4 separate showers. So that is what we did. It was dubbed the "babython shower".

Left to right - Laura (due August 15) update: August 15 has come and gone....and she's still pregnant. Jenny (due Sept 23), myself (due October 6) and Jamie (due Sept 6 with twins) update: Jamie's twins were born July 14 at 32 weeks after being on bedrest since May at 23 weeks. Look at that haul! Just think, all 4 of us got a table looking like this!

It was a very nice shower and I am very lucky to work in such a place that has such kind generous people. Love my job.

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