Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deluxe Dux

This summer my Dad's side of the family had a week long family reunion.  It has been WAY too long since the whole family got together.  I think the last time was nearly 5 years ago at my wedding.  But I'm not counthing that because even though we were all present and I have pictures to prove it, I didn't get to hang out with them a lot (I was busy getting married!).  Plus we've added a new family member (Abby) to the family, so it was time for a reunion.

We all traveled to Duxbury, Massachusetts. Which, we found out/realized afterwards that the Davis roots settled in Duxbury after coming over on the Mayflower ship.  How cool is that?  I have paperwork to prove it too!  
But back to the reunion...

Firstly, Abby is proving to be an excellent traveler.  So far she has flown 6 times (3 round trip flights) and she has slept the last 3 of them.  LOVE.  I'll take a sleeping toddler on a plane any day.  Despite my cramped leg, foot, butt, arm, I loved having her sleep on my lap.  At one point, I had to go to the bathroom badly and she transferred to Brent (and then I climbed over them to get out) without even waking.  Fantastic!  

We met up with everyone and moved into our house.  All the kids (Carver (10), Jacques (8), Rowan (7) and Alex (5) all played fabulously together.  It was fun watching them all.  Rowan had a motherly tendency towards Abby and Abby ate it up.  Every morning Abby would wake up asking for Rowan "Where's Rowan", she'd ask.  But it'd be more "where rowant" since Abby likes to put /t/ on the end of words that end in /n/.  (Don't worry the Mom in me is wigged out, but the SLP in me knows that it's completely normal).  

We did all sorts of fun activities...

  • We traveled via ferry into Boston to go to the Aquarium and ride the Duck Tour.  
  • We walked to the Miles Standish monument and climbed the tower to view out over Duxbury.  
  • We had a beach day - the whole family lounged on the beach and read, made sand castles, collected shells, and played in the cold water.  
  • We had a rainy day one day - so it was a pretty uneventful quiet day.  Sometimes those are good days!
  • We had a pool day - we all trekked over to Anne and Mark's house for a full day at the pool.  We stayed there at night for a cookout and a fireside chat.  
  • We played silly Minute to Win It games - it was a hit with the kids!  
  • We ate lobsters for dinner one night - delish!
  • Even with our large group of 18, we managed to eat out all together a few times, rather successfully if you don't mind me saying...

My Uncle Grier compiled everyone's photos from the whole trip and picked out the best to make a great YouTube video - you can watch it here.  And you can watch the second half of the photo show here

Monday, August 12, 2013

Potty training...already?

And so it begins...  She's initiating this next stage proclaiming that she wants to sit on the potty with her diaper off.