Monday, April 13, 2009

Bethany's 30th Birthday

This is the year that we all turn the big three-oh. Well, some of us. I've already 3 months into my thirties, so it was time to share the love. This time, it was Bethany's turn. To begin the evening, eight of us went to dinner at Teller's to celebrate. There, her friend from high school, Abby, surprised Bethany by flying in from Florida to help celebrate. Bethany was really shocked and surprised! And while we didn't have the quickest or the best server at Teller's, we still had a good time.

We continued the party downtown, where Blake had rented a room and the rest of Bethany's friends and family were gathered. Too bad it wasn't warmer outside, otherwise we would've taken advantage of the patio!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Bethany, Happy Birthday to you! These are the men of Bethany's life. The guy with his finger in his mouth is Andy. Then going clockwise from Andy is Chad, Jason, Craig, Tom, Brent, Ryan and Blake. These lovely ladies, Abby, Bethany, Kristin, Stephanie and Melissa. We are missing Heather and Kim from this picture. We should photoshop them in. Anyone know how to do that? I don't. Later that weekend, the girls had our traditional birthday dinner. Bethany chose Teak Thai. Now, for those that know Bethany, we were all shocked. She doesn't like Aisan food, but for some reason in her old age, she has acquired a taste for it. We all loved it since the rest of us love it. Yeah!

The Final Dinner

It's sad. So sad. Our good friends, Lisa and Andy, are moving. Grab your tissues, folks. Andy will graduate from med school next month and has been accepted for his residency in emergency medicine at Northwestern in Chicago. So on Saturday night, we had a "special dinner". Andy made a beef tenderloin with vegetables and new potatoes. Delish!

Lisa had set the table with some boxes at each place setting. Each box inside had memories that Lisa will remember us by. It was really sweet. We each took a turn opening our box and remembering.

They have shockingly sold their house already. They were up in Chicago over Easter looking for apartments. Word is that they found one. I tell ya, they are really lucking out on this whole moving thing.
We also did a little egg dying...while drinking wine of course!

Easter Weekend

On Easter, we traveled up to Dayton to have dinner with the Millers, Greg and Yak. Megan and I coordinated the meal and I'm pretty sure no one was hungry when we left the table. After dinner, the boys watched the end of the Masters (snore!), so we ladies went into a different room to chit chat and play.

Natalie is 10 months old is jabbering up a storm. So far her repertoire of words include: duck, thank you, a-choo, uh oh and ouch. I've got a couple of clips that have some of those words. We think she's just the smartest and cutest babies around...but we might be just a little biased. :)