Thursday, September 29, 2011

39 weeks

Special Edition: 39 weeks

Nothing seems to be progressing, so I'm holding tight at 39 weeks.  It's odd because every day I leave work, I have to think and plan as though I'm not coming back.  My next OB appointment is Tuesday, so we'll see if baby is any closer to making her debut. 

My ankles and feet are swelling.  My left foot seems to be more swollen than my right.  Very strange.  Anyone have thoughts about that?  I try my best to keep my feet up when I can.  Yesterday at work, I printed a bunch of stuff all the way up to the front office, so I could have an excuse to get up and away from my desk.  Unfortunately, some kind person brought all my printed stuff back to me.  We had a good laugh as she ended up taking it back up to the front office so I could come up and get it myself!  Hey, a 39-week-pregnant-swollen-feet girl has to do what a 39-week-pregnant-swollen-feet girl has to do! 

On a side note, Lacey seems to have the picture taking routine down as she knows when it's her time to be in the spotlight.  She knows which way to sit (I usually have to pull her back however) and Brent has no trouble getting her to look at the camera to do that cute tilted head look.  She's a pro! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final Nursery Update

I just realized that these pictures were taken prior to polka dots being added to the wall.  We put various size brown and pink polka dots on the wall above the crib and to the right of the window.  Just adding a little extra 'pop' to the room.  So use your imagination with polka dots. 

If you're on facebook, you may have seen "The Great Polka Dot Debate" on Brent's page.  It sparked quite a conversation and we went back and forth regarding dots or no dots.  Shockingly, I didn't think I would like them; thinking it would be too busy.  But in the end, I ended up liking them and almost had a blasé outlook on it.  Brent liked them, so I was happy. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

38 weeks

We have made it to 38 weeks.  I keep saying "anytime now, we can be welcomed by Baby Girl Cullen"...and I can't imagine it actually happening.  It still feels like a ways off knowing that we'll have a baby someday.  Reality check to me: that proverbial "someday" could be today or tomorrow
And I have to add that I don't feel as big as I look.  I don't think there are many pregnant women would would ever utter those words.  But I'm being honest.  When I look down, I see my belly, but I don't think it's as big as when I see myself in pictures.  I think that is a good thing! 
My doctor appointments are now weekly.  These appointments are like getting your annual exam weekly.  greaaaaat.  Regardless, the doctors so far have said that nothing is happening downstairs.   I have my next appointment on Monday, so we'll see if there's any sign that baby will be joining us soon. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer Star??

I posted a couple weeks ago showing off Natalie's soccer skills.  On Saturday was her first game.  I was so excited to go...people always talk about how 3-4 year soccer games are hysterical because you see this mass chaos on the field.  Plus, it was Natalie!  I was anxious to see how she would do.  

Of course, there were the highs and the lows.  First, we'll highlight the highs:
This is during practice before the game. (She kicked the blue ball.)

Now, this is quite a shot!  I'm excited that I caught this moment on camera...and it's not blurry!

And now for the lows:

As pathetic as it is, this one is my favorite!
Update: It was reported that at the next week's game, there were no tears and Natalie got to play goalie and stopped two balls!  Making progress to a becoming a soccer star! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

36 weeks

4 weeks to go until D-day!  I wore this sweater-shirt a lot in the spring, but I've had to break it out again because apparently Mother Nature has decided that summer is over and fall is here.  While I'm enjoying the cooler weather and a break in my hot flashes, I don't have a lot of cooler weather maternity clothes.  Plus, with cooler weather upon us, that just means we're that much closer to D-day.  Eek!  

I thought an outfit change was necessary.  

And of course, Lacey!  Notice we have a crate to the left and a bassinet to the right!  

Soccer Star!

If you thought that I was the soccer must have me confused with Abby Wombach.  I know, I know, it happens all the time.  However, totally not me.  Not even Brent.  Which he does have skills, but I'm talking about our 3 year old niece Natalie.  She is starting to play soccer (can't wait for her first game!).  

She and her parents came down to our house this past weekend.   Megan and Kevin wanted to go to a movie, so we gladly obliged to watching the little one.  One of our activities during our time spent was playing a little soccer in the front yard.  That girl has got some skills!  Even more skills than me...which isn't saying much because my soccer skills are zilch!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

On this day three years ago, Brent and I said "I do" to each other.  We reminisced a bit last night talking about how our lives have changed in the past three years.  

Here is a list of what we came up with (in no particular order):

1. Got married (duh)
2. Bought a house
3. Adopted a dog

4. Got pregnant
5. Brent lost his job
6. Brent grew a beard
7. Brent kept the beard
8. Brent started his own company
9. Cindy quit Cheesecake Factory
10. Cindy started a new part time job at Cincinnati Children's
11. Cindy paid off her car
12. Moved from the city to the suburbs
13. Brent had laser eye surgery, broke his finger and learned he was allergic to neoprene
14. Got scuba diving certified 
15. Went to Cozumel to try on our scuba legs
16. Traveled to Cancun
17. Traveled to Nashville
18. Brent got certified as a "Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician" - aka more letters behind his name - ooh la la!
19 Traveled to St. Augestine Florida
20. Traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana with Give Back Beyond Cincinnati to rebuild homes with Habitat for Humanity
21.  Brent traveled back to NOLA.  Cindy stayed home because of her "condition"
20. Traveled to Chicago...a lot (seriously, is this all the domestic traveling we've done...note to self - travel more, with baby in tow!)

I can't wait to see what the next thirty years bring, let alone the next three!  Happy Anniversary!

Nursery Progress 7

Our glider has finally arrived!  Why it took nearly 2 months to receive after ordering is beyond me, but nonetheless, it's here.  And it arrived before the baby.  That's always a plus, right? 

The Miller's came down last night and so Brent and I took that opportunity to use Kevin and his muscles to help Brent bring the glider in from the garage. We quickly put it to use while reading Natalie a story.  I think many miles will be logged on this bad boy!  

Also this weekend, we went to Ikea to find a shelving unit or something that would fit into the closet to make use of the space in there.  With such short clothes on hangers, we were wasting too much space down below!  We found a shelf and came home to assemble it.  Voila.  Extra storage AND making use of space.  Love it.  Now I need to figure out what to hang, what to fold, what to store in the dresser drawers, what to store in the crib/changer drawers, and what else is needed. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nursery Progress 6

Now that the crib is together, it's time to pull out all the linens and such to put together a homey cozy place for our little girl to lay her head. 

Peanut Butter Biscuits

Here is the recipe I found to make Lacey's tasty biscuits. I'm sorry for not knowing the source. I found it on the internet somewhere...

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 Tbsp baking powder
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup milk
1/2 cup oatmeal

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Grease a baking sheet.
In medium bowl, mix together flour  and baking powder and oatmeal.  
Add the peanut butter and milk.  
Stir together until soft dough forms.
Roll out dough onto lightly floured surface to 1/4" thick.  
Use bone shaped cookie cutters to cut out the dough.  
Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.  

I halved this recipe and still had plenty of dough leftover to make more biscuits for Lacey for the future. 


Saturday, September 3, 2011


Brent and I kept putting on planning a babymoonIt seemed every weekend had something planned.  Finally we found a weekend in late August to go somewhere.  So we blocked off that weekend.  We then had to figure out a place to go.  Our requirements:
  • It needed to be someplace driveable - and not too far away, I am a pregnant woman who has to stop to pee a lot, plus getting comfortable in a car is easier said than done.  
  • Not in Ohio - I mean,'s Ohio.  We can't say we went to Columbus or Cleveland for our babymoon!  Yawn. 
  • Someplace we hadn't been before.  
Nashville, Tennessee seemed to be the answer.  

We just happened to get a groupon the week prior for a deal to a hotel that was close to downtown.  Score!   We reserved a room at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.  We got there Saturday late afternoon and the place was boppin'!  Seriously, there were people EVERYWHERE!  I don't know what event was happening but Brent is pretty sure that he saw some Tennessee Titans.  I wouldn't know one if I saw one...and frankly, I'm not sure I'd be that impressed if I did.  Is that pathetic?  They were playing at home that night, so it was possible Brent's eyes didn't deceive him.  

Who doesn't love a good hotel robe to strut around in??
side note: Sorry for the small photos...they came from Brent's phone and so to avoid distorting them entirely, they're staying small.

Saturday night, we took the shuttle downtown for dinner and festivities afterwards.  Boy, are we glad we took advantage of the free shuttle.  Because the Titans were playing, parking was at a minimum and so we didn't have to navigate the streets to find parking.  

 After dinner we walked the streets and wandered into BB King's.  There was a BB King's-like band playing.  We scored some awesome seats perfect for people watching and close to the bar (water of course for me!).  

Sunday we woke up and went back downtown to see it in the daylight and not drowning with people.  

Lacey's First Birthday

There are so many things happening in this house!  One event we could not go without celebrating was Lacey's birthday.  And not just any birthday...her FIRST birthday!  
I made some homemade peanut butter biscuits (I'll post the recipe in another post).  I only made 3 biscuits not knowing if Lacey would like it (I should have known she would - they're peanut butter!) and I didn't want her to be fed them all and then puke them all up later....  
This first picture is her biggest biscuit that is personalized just for her!  Can you see her name on it? 

 I absolutely love this picture!  I will have to get one printed and then frame it.  What do you think she's thinking??  "Oh Mommy, that peanut butter treat was DELICIOUS!"

Happy First Birthday Lacey!