Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chatty Cathy

Boy oh boy, Abby is really chatting up a storm.  She just rolled over her 16th month of life (really??) and is imitating a ton of single words and even some 2 word phrases.  Just this morning she said "bye bye Lacey" spontaneously.  Oh, my speech pathologist heart just beams when she does this!  I forget typical language development so quickly when working with such delayed children on a daily basis.  Abby continues to use sign language, but when she gets better at saying the word, the sign seems to fade.  

Abby's words that she says spontaneously and imitates frequently and consistently:

  1. up
  2. hat
  3. hot
  4. help
  5. stuck
  6. mama
  7. dada
  8. lacey
  9. all done (she doesn't sign this one much anymore it's just "ah duh")
  10. more (she sounds like a british person "mo-uh" in her sweet voice.  we laugh because she'll see Brent or I eat something and she'll run over saying "mo-uh" without even knowing what it is we're eating just knowing that she wants some!")
  11. bath (sign is still present more than the word, but considering her love of baths, I see verbalization increasing soon and the sign fading)
  12. doggy
  13. monkey
  14. ooh-ooh (what a monkey says)
  15. hi
  16. bye bye
  17. coat
  18. shoes
  19. socks
  20. book (she requests every time we get into her carseat.  she loves reading her books while we drive)
  21. open
  22. off
  23. all clean
  24. ball
  25. yes (or we get a head nod - and it's really cute when she nods her head)
  26. no (accompanied with head shaking and arm flailing)
  27. happy
  28. eyes
  29. car
Holy Moly!  After typing this list I had no idea that she had so many words!  At this age she should only really have 10-15 words, so she's ahead of the curve!  She's a genius! But I guess I already knew that.  :)  

Abby has this new affinity for getting on the couch and running back and forth on it slamming into the pillows/us/arm rests.  She thinks it's hilarious and will do it over and over.  And over.  She always requests "up" when she wants to get up on the couch, but I've now caught her a couple times maneuvering herself to get up on the couch herself.  Can you say "uh oh"?