Sunday, October 28, 2012

Abby's new plan for Mommy

WARNING!  This post discusses the taboo topic of breastfeeding and how it pertains to me and my child.  Some may deem this TMI, but to me this is an everyday topic and I'm just putting my thoughts down. 

Now, I had been wondering when and how I was going to wean Abby from breastfeeding.  Which feeding was I going to drop?  How would Abby adjust?  How quickly would I drop another feeding?  Would I continue to pump?  How would I phase that out?  So many questions that kept whirling over my head that I didn't know how or even want to deal with. 

Little did I know that Abby had a different plan for me.

On Monday night (September 4), Abby refused to breastfeed before bed.  I didn't think much of it since I know my milk supply is low in the evenings. We ended up giving her a bottle of warmed breastmilk.  On Tuesday morning (September 5), Abby breastfed as usual as part of our morning routine.  On Tuesday evening she rejected me again by arching her back and crying.  Again, I wasn't too alarmed as I know my milk supply is lower in the evenings. It did make me sad that she rejected me two days in a row.  She had never rejected me before and certainly not two days in a row.  Was this the beginning of the end?  When Wednesday morning came and she reacted the same way, I knew Abby was done. I had breastfed her for the last time. 

Brent peeked his head into Abby's room while this was going on as Abby was fussing.  I turned to him and burst into tears.  I was not prepared for Abby to cut ME off.  I had planned that I would cut HER off.  I was not prepared for it to happen so suddenly.  Abby broke my heart as she pushed away from her primary source of nutrition for the past near 11 months of her life.  The logical side of me knows that this is a healthy sign of Abby getting older and growing up, but the emotional side of me wants to keep her a baby and latch her onto my boob. 

That day, Abby helped me decide when and how I was going to wean.  I didn't have to ponder any longer about what feeding I was going to drop.  I didn't need to stew about how Abby was going to react.  I still needed to wean pumping however, so it took me a few weeks to completely wean.  

Now that I look back on it, I don't know how I managed to breastfeed and pump for as long as I did.  I'm amazed at my dedication.  It's no small feat to take on such a task.  It's not just the time needed to breastfeed, it's the time needed to pump when you're not with your child, it's the time needed to clean the pump parts after each session.  It's the time needed to wash bottles and make bottles.  It's the time needed to prepare the milk to be frozen.  It's the orgainzation in your fridge as you line up the millk in bottles according to date.  It's the organization in your deep freezer to manage all the frozen milk.  It's the organization to pack everything you need for a 12+ hour day away from your child.  It's the time management to be able to know when you'll need to pump and allot time to do so in your busy work day.  It's also the hydration and nutrition you need to continue to consume to allow your body to sustain breastfeeding.  I am proud of myself.  I'm also proud that I was able to provide Abby with a great nutritional foundation. 

I am proud to say that I have packed up my pump and packed it away...until the next baby comes into our lives. (No, this is not an announcement). 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


We went with our good friends to the zoo for their annual HallZOOween!  The zoo has stations throughout where the kids can stop and trick or treat in their costumes.  It was fun to see all the other kids' costumes.  Abby was a giraffe and that was good timing on my part as a giraffe was just born at the zoo.  Our kids were a bit too young to totally enjoy and participate, but it was still fun to get out on the sunny fall day.  


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Party

Abby's First Birthday Bash has arrived!  

I'm still in shock sometimes when I think about it that I have a daughter and I'm a mother, let alone have a child who is ONE!  We're in the full blown toddler stage now too.  She's walking, climbing up stairs, jabbering up a storm and amazes us everyday with things she does. 

We had a birthday party to celebrate the occasion - Brent and I surviving the first year of life with a child of course!  Many people asked me what the theme was.  The theme was getting together and eating and celebrating.  I didn't have the time, creativity or resources to have a theme. What we did have was a house full of family and friends.  

Outfit Number One: I had a onsie made with "1" and "Abby" embroidered on.  It was super cute!  Sadly, this is the best picture I have of this outfit.  I do have to add that I wasn't planning on an outfit change type of party and I don't know when during the party that I thought I would show off her birthday gear, but it happened and I'm glad we got to at least wear all the birthday themed outfits! 

Outfit Number Two: A party dress that was made just for the "birthday girl".  We got this dress from Kim Johnivan - thank you!  It fit her perfectly and was so darling to wear.

"Outfit" Number Three:  A diaper.  I've seen enough first birthday cake pictures to know that the least amount of clothes involved is best. 

See? The cake got EVERYWHERE!  She went straight to the bath being carried at an arm's length away.  She loved the cupcake - after a little prodding to shove it in her face.  But she delivered.  That's my girl!  

Thanks all for the great birthday party!  Thanks to all who came!  (Can you imagine how stuffed our place would be if everyone came that we invited?  We'd be sardines!  We would have loved to invite more too.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

More birthday girl pics...

"Cutest Birthday Girl Ever"

Abby loves these bead necklaces that I found in the Target dollar bins.  She loves to put them around her neck and to take them off.  Over and over again.  I think she might be a girly girl.  Remember her putting Lacey's collar on as a bracelet?  She does that all the time too. Time will only tell...

Oh, and we're officially walking.  She began taking 4-5 shaky steps on September 22 and just a few days later on September 27, she was walking longer distances of 10-12 steps.  By October 12, crawling became a method to get to a furniture piece so she could stand up and walk.  Walking is now the primary mode of mobility.  We have to watch our gate around the stairs as it has a door in it (it's really a dog cage that straightens out and we have it across our split level house stairs) that you have to step over to get in and out of the living room.  Guess who steps over the gate with ease? Our own Abby!  Yea? 

Happy Birthday!

We had camera malfunctions (perhaps user error??) waking Abby up with a song, so we had to have a "redo".  My baby is one!  I cannot believe that it's been a year!  Brent and I survived a year!  Wahoo!  


Such a happy sweet loving smart girl who is ONE!  

Abigail Jean, your daddy and I love you more than you will ever know! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Collar Time!

I look up to see Abby trying to put Lacey's collar on.  ...And when she can't get it on Lacey's head, she puts it on her wrist and wear it as a bracelet.  Because that's what everyone does with a collar you can't put on, right?