Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 weeks

I'm at 30 weeks folks! Can you believe it?! I could even say that this pregnancy is cruising by. I might say differently in the coming weeks when I'm thinking "Get this kid out of me!".

Please note that there is no Lacey photo this round. The pictures came out a bit too provocative/revealing for my liking. Sorry Lace, we'll get you at 32 weeks, I promise.

I'm still feeling great. All the normal pregnancy occurances, but I take it all in stride. Heartburn, emotional outbursts, grunting as you struggle to get up off the floor, difficulty bending know, the usual.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goodbye Brent!

On Saturday night I dropped Brent off so he could load a bus to travel down to NOLA (New Orleans Louisana) again this year with GBBC (Give Back Beyond Cincinnati) for the week. Last year, Brent and I went down together to NOLA and knew we'd want to do it again this year. However, a small bump (pardon the pun!) derailed my plans to do the same. We decided together that it was okay for Brent to go since I would "only" be 29 weeks pregnant and would be okay here at home.

As weeks approached, I began to feel apprehensive about Brent leaving. This will be the longest that he and I have been apart. And not only that, usually if we are going to be apart, it's usually ME going somewhere and leaving Brent to the regular day-to-day activities by himself. However, this time, not only am I being left with the regular day-to-day mundaneness alone, but he'll be gone for 8 days! Now add on top of that a hormonal pregant woman who's prone to burst into tears from time to time. Luckily, my parents are coming in to visit mid week to keep me company.

On my first morning by myself, Lacey and I woke up and went to the dog park to get some wiggles out before it got too hot. Lacey ran around with some other dogs for a short while, but then all she wanted to do was follow me and lay down. I guess it was getting too hot for her and she ran around a little too much, too fast. So after a quick trip there, I drove home with a tired puppy in tow. She's been mellow all day. Perhaps it's been because I wore her out at the dog park. Or perhaps it's because she misses Brent too.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mojitos and Fajitas

The Bisher's had us over last weekend for 'Mojitos and Fajitas'. Steph had a huge collection of mint, so it only made sense to use it to make mojitos. And what food goes with mojitos? Fajitas of course! The pictures below don't really depict the theme of the party, but I couldn't help but make Ethan the focus when he went swimming. I love this first picture...Uncle Nick and Grandpa Bisher with Ethan. Uber cute. Ethan checking out the water in the pool.

Lacey loved running around in the backyard (our next house will definitely have a fenced in yard!). Lacey loves chasing (read: following) Senna around in the yard. It's quite funny to watch the follow the leader game. When Senna runs to a corner of the yard, Lacey is right behind him. She doesn't always know what Senna is running after or barking at, but Lacey sure does pretend to be just as interested.

28 weeks

I can't believe I'm 28 weeks along already! October 6 will be here before we know it. Still feeling good thanks to getting regular adjustments and massages.

Our nursery is still a work in progress, so no pictures yet. As soon as something is picture-worthy, I'll post it.

I love this picture with Lacey. If you look closely, you'll see some actual tongue action! I'd normally be grossed out when a dog's tongue made contact with me, but there's something that happens when it's your own dog and it doesn't make me want to cringe.