Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Club

Our book club met earlier this month after reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. We all LOVED the book! It's rare for our book club for all of us to have read the book, but to all have liked the book...that's something to take note!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful time of year to celebrate with family and friends! We are so grateful for fantastic family and super friends. We are so lucky!

We started out in Lima, Ohio with Brent's family. His mom celebrates Christmas the Saturday before Christmas. That keeps it easy for all family members. We spent the day at Brent's mom's house that was filled with lots of people and 6 little kiddos running around. Christmas is a whole new game when little ones are in play. Kevin had a pig-pile of kiddos on him!

All 16 of us sat at the table, which was fun. We were squished, but that's what the holidays are all about, right? The traditional trimmings were consumed...ham, mashed potatoes, dressing...

The evening ended with a mean card game of euchre. Brent is pretty sure he and Dennis won...
I wouldn't know...I went to bed!

On Sunday, we stayed in Lima, but we went to Brent's dad's house for Christmas festivities. Complete with pizza and presents! Natalie was the only little one. Natalie opened her 'easel' and called it her computer. Brent and I got her a stool, which will come in handy in the house.

We then hopped into the car and drove to Kansas City to spend Christmas with my family. We ended up picking my parents up at the airport from their 25 (!) day cruise down to Brazil and the Amazon through the Caribbean. They are now certified scuba divers and are loving this new hobby! In fact, they have suggested that Brent and I get certified as well and then can go traveling together to scuba. Sign me up!

Christmas morning our household woke up to snowballs being pelted at bedroom windows from our dear neighbors, the Foxes. You can't be mad at was Christmas AND they shoveled the driveway!

Dad played Santa for the Fox grandkids. They melted when the saw Santa and believed every word. It was great! Santa (and his crew - Brent, me and mom) went over to Mark and Anne's to have Santa visit Jacques and Alex, but Jacques was having nothing of it. "I know you're Uncle Jake! I know you're in a costume!" Alex just cried. Too cute.

We then went over to the Fox house (whose house was really full of family!) for dinner. Including kids, there was a table set for 20. Wowsers! Even though we're not "family" in the traditional sense, the Davis family and the Fox family are certainly family, if you know what i mean. Lamb, salmon, brussel sprouts, gnocchi...yum-o!

Meet baby Jude. This is Catherine Fox's baby. What a laid back, beautiful baby! At 30 days old, he already has a handful of nicknames...Judah-vision, Jude the dude, Judah-bug. For those that may not know, Catherine and I grew up together. The wall of photos behind me is a wall of history. I've seen the same pictures for years and years, but each time I'm at the house, I find myself looking at them all again and reminiscing.

Enjoy the season!

For more pictures of each event, I have them uploaded to my picasa page.