Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Normal

On Monday morning, we started our new "normal".

My parents left Monday morning to go back to KC around 7:00 a.m. Afterwards, Brent and I looked at each other as to what to do next. We now have to to try to juggle "puppy duty" with getting ready for work. As anyone knows who's had a puppy, they can't always be trusted when unsupervised. And we're just letting her roam the living room area now before be given permission to roam the whole house at her leisure. So, someone needs to be down in the living room attending to Lacey while the other person is upstairs getting ready.

Everyday seems to be a different dance as we have different schedules each day.
Monday, Brent was home with Lacey all day. So that made it easy for me to get ready. But I kept checking in on Lacey stepping out on the landing to look down on the new puppy. That seemed to slow me down a bit.
Tuesday morning Brent and I were both out of the house early, so Lacey was crated alone for several hours before Brent came home around lunchtime. That was sad to hear her whine as we walked out.
Wednesay Brent left at 6:30 while I had to juggle getting ready and puppy duty alone. You know how I solved that? Crate. I thought she'd whine the whole time, but I was shocked that she only whined for several minutes and then entertained herself.

We'll see what the future dance will look like...

So far so good though.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Addition

We have a new addition to our family! Brent and I are now parents to a new puppy! I introduce you to Lacey.

We are told her mom was part Boxer/German Shepherd and her dad is supposedly a lab. I think that's the default breed...lab. She has been an absolute delight.

We adopted her from a shelter: . One of Brent's patients, Sarah, volunteers at circletail and had been telling Brent that when we were ready to adopt a dog, she'd be happy to assist us. And assist us, she did. She introduced us to our sweet Lacey. I have to say, it was love at first sight for both Brent and I.

The ride home was like taking home your baby from the hospital for the first time. I sat in the backseat with LAcey while Brent drove. I couldn't keep my eyes off Lacey as she perked her ears at the sights that she could see and the bumps she could feel. The sweet puppy slept on my lap the entire way home. It's a 50 minute ride too! Precious!

My parents were here for Thanksgiving when we brought her home for the first time. They tried to give us a hard time about adopting a puppy ("are you crazy?!"..."they're so much work!"..."they chew on everything!"...), but once they met her, I think they fell in love with her too! They've got a grandpuppy! Hee hee!

Right now, she's asleep beside me on the floor in the living room.