Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had some time this weekend to scratch some things off my to do list that have been nagging me. One was to buy some wedding gifts for 2 upcoming weddings. I looked online first to see where I wanted to shop and seek out what I wanted to buy and then I was going to go to the store to get it (to avoid shipping costs and time wandering around the store!).

I figured out I needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase one of the gifts. I get there and they don't have what I planned to get, so I had to quickly think of another plan. I see that they have two china place settings at a really cheap price. How do I know it's a cheap price? Hello?! I got married just over a year ago and registered for the same china pattern and know what it costs. I ask a staff person to show it to me. They just so happened to be on the clearance shelf because this particular BBB doesn't have a fine china section and they're not able to resell it due to something so minor that I couldn't even tell. So I bought them both. Over half off! Regularly $95. On clearance for $39.99. Plus, I had 2 $10 off coupons. Score! The bride and groom will think that Brent and I are high rollers...but guess what? We're so not!
Now I have to figure out how to peel off the clearance tag that's on the boxes and we'll be all set. Hmph.