Monday, May 27, 2013


I haven't updated (or really mentioned) Lacey in a while and I thought it was time for that to change.  Overall, Lacey is really good.  She really is a good dog and I know we chose the right dog for our family.   

This past weekend, Lacey got some special treatment!  I took her to the dog park by herself (no Abby in tow) and she had fun running around. I've gone before with Abby and Lacey gets very protective of Abby.  She won't allow another dog to come close to Abby and I witnessed some nipping to get her message across.  She is not like that at home, so it was a shock for me to see it at the dog park.  But it makes sense.  That's one of my favorite qualities about Lacey: she's a protector when she needs to be and the rest of the time, she's a lover licking you all over. 

After our trip to the dog park, I took Lacey to get a bath!  There is a pet store (Pet People) that provides everything we'd need to give a bath: towels, shampoo, brushes, apron, dryer.  All I need to bring is the dog.  No time limit either.  And the best part?  They clean up the hairy mess I leave behind!  It's all for $10-$15.  That's worth it for us. 
This picture is taken after the bath and before she's totally dry and so she's fluffy.  Lacey doesn't care for the dryer so much and I tend to go in circles chasing Lacey trying to contain her to the corner of the stall.  My favorite part is the smell of her fur afterwards - I've never smelled a more delightful puppy.  

Abby and Lacey are sweet together.  Abby loves to pet, swat, pull, tug, mount Lacey and Lacey just takes it.  She never nips or snarls, however, she'll just jump up instead and often scare Abby by the quick movement.  If only Lacey would just sit there and take it.  At least that would provide more opportunity to capture a photo!  

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Abby has been singing the ABCs...and I'm so impressed!  She knows the song and will fill in the blanks when we sing together.  She was a bit difficult to capture on video.  Hopefully you can follow along!  

Licking the Bowl

Abby is loving using the spoon.  She was able to eat the applesauce in the bowl, but a girl just can't leave the residue and not lick the bowl clean...or 'drink' the applesauce from the bowl.  

This girl cracks me up!  I dare anyone to tell me you're not laughing or at least smiling after watching this video!  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The weather has been gorgeous this week!  After work, I picked Abby up and we went straight to the park.  She has recovered from her temporary fear of swings and now loves them.  She requested swinging many times while we were at the park.  She also loved the slide and running around from equipment piece to equipment piece, while dodging other kids.