Monday, June 29, 2009

New Kids

I got the opportunity last minute to go to the NKOTB concert! if you don't recognize that, you may recognize NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon and Joey! I don't think I had a favorite back in the day, but I certainly have a favorite now. It's Joey.

This is a girl in front of us, who was desked out in New Kids gear. She was also sporting this kickin' purse decorated with New Kids pins. Who's jealous??

The guy in front is Jordan. He is a close second to Joey in my book. After the song, Jordan took off his shirt and threw the sweat soaked cotten shirt into the crowd. Girls SCREAMED for that thing!

The finger is pointing right to Joey. They were so close to us! "Please Don't Go Gilr!" cause I'll be "Hangin' Tough"!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming with Natalie

Brent and I (Uncle B and Aunt Cindy) watched Natalie today. We were going to just watch her in the afternoon, but when Natalie's "real" babysitter cancelled, we got the chance to watch Natalie ALL day! what a treat!

Natalie Turns One!

Natalie turned one year old on June 9th! She had a penguin themed birthday party on the 6th. Megan took the theme and ran with it because everywhere you turned there were penguins!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I know, I know...

So I know I need to do some blogging. I need to blog about our bowling fun (I've got video!) when we had our last supper. I need to blog about our niece's first birthday party and how adorably cute she is. I then need to blog about our vacation to Florida. And of course, I need to blog about Steph and Craig's wedding. I think there are a few other events in between...

I'm aware, I'm fully aware.

I hate doing it on my laptop at home because it's so dang slow. I usually like to do using my work laptop and I'm usually at work when I use you can see that I take up work time doing non-work activities. Nobody does that ever, I'm sure. But I need our external hard drive that stores all our photos and videos. Brent has been diligent in taking the pictures off the camera in a timely manner. Which is great because then I'm free to take that many more pictures, but then I have to remember to bring my laptop home from work...and then I have to remember to set it up and do some blogging.

It's a rough life, I tell ya...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stephanie's Bachelorette Party

I totally forgot that I had pictures of Stephanie's bachelorette party...of course, you have to blog about that! :)

First we had dinner at Indigo Casual Gourmet Cafe in Hyde Park. The weather was great and so we ate all outside. Afterwards, we all drove down the street to Tino Vino ( and we bottled our own wine! In planning, we thought it was perfect because Steph loves wine (I mean, who doesn't?!) and it was very unique idea and lots of fun.

First we had to clean the wine bottle.

Then we filled it with wine. We chose a red blend that was a Tino Vino brand.

After filling, we had to cork the wine. This was the fun part!

We had a label created just for the occasion..."Foreplay: Open me up and turn me on". Perfect for a bachelorette party! I don't know if I have a close up picture of the label

After Tino Vino, we drove a few blocks to Bethany's House where we decorated penis shaped cookies and had a contest for the best AND worst cookies. We had a few cocktails and then headed out on the town. Here are pictures from the rest of the evening!