Thursday, August 11, 2011

32 weeks

Here we are at 32 weeks. I feel like I have really "popped" in the last couple weeks. I need to do a comparison blog. Still feelilng good overall...bending over is more difficult and I find myself getting winded easier. Just going up and down our stairs (split level mind you!), I get winded!

Starting a few days ago, I keep feeling body parts poke out on my right side. I usually poke/rub/push back and then the body part floats away and hides until the next poke. I find myself just sitting with my hand on my belly pushing in as she tends to like my upper right abdomen area just under my ribs. I had a family ask while I was at a home visit for work if I was okay sitting on the floor. I guess I looked uncomfortable or something. Baby does get hiccups quite often. I feel them down in my lower abdomen. They're very faint so I don't always notice them right away, and they tend to end after a few minutes.

We had to relocate our picture to another wall (maybe we should have been doing it on this wall along!) because stuff has been moved around in our house to allow the baby's room to take shape. That will be another blog entry about the room progress. Even though we're on a different wall, we still got our obligatory Lacey picture.

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