Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pro Wedding Pics

We are so in love with our professional wedding pictures. They turned out so well and will look forward to looking at them... a lot! I know I posted recently with the website to view all these pictures, but I couldn't help but post some.
This one is one of my favorites. Kortnee just has this artistic eye that makes beautiful images.

Steph did my make up for the day. We had gone to Sephora earlier in the week to try out some new colors and got a trial done. Steph learned the techniques she needed to transform me to a beautiful bride. She did a fabulous job as I felt like a model.
This one was in the limo on the way to meet Brent for the first time. I was alone in there (besides the photographer) and...I had a moment.
I love this shot because it looks like we rolled in a background! With the perfect clouds and blue sky down to the steamboats in the river, it all looks fake...but it's not! We had a perfect day weather wise. Couldn't have asked for better weather for a wedding day.

I love this one not just for the jumping aspect (because that in itself is a really cool shot), but the fact that Brent is the calm, cool and collected one in the front and everyone behind him is acting out is so Brent. Sounds so mullet like. Ha!
The girls are giving a little 'tude. Well, I am anyway. And I have a waist!
Now this picture looks like it jumped out of a magazine or something. The colors are so perfect and surreal. Another favorite. Actually, I could probably say that about almost all the photos. "Perfect!"
This has our program, our cupcake (which I didn't eat any of...or even saw the cupcake table) and our rings.

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