Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hello. my name is cindy and i'm a bad blog updater. well, i'm inconsistent that is. i would like to use the excuse that nothing exciting has happened for me to blog about. but that's just a lie. straight up fat lie. i can think of a handful of things that have happened since i last blogged...

1. we had our 8th annual wine party in january. that's usually the same weekend as my birthday, so it doubles as a birthday party for me. that gets my husband off the hook. lucky him... and i don't think i have any pictures from that night. is that sad or what?

2. i turned 31. that can be lumped into the same 'event' as the previous, but it was an event nonetheless. now, 2 months later, i can't tell you what i did for my actual birthday. maybe if i blogged about it earlier, i'd remember. OR we did absolutley nothing and it was just divine. i think it was the latter.

3. brent and i joined give back cincinnati. it's a non-profit guilt-free volunteer organization that allows us to learn more about our city while also meeting new people. i even took another step and joined a committee with GBC. i am a member of the civic engagement committee. i'm learning as a i go as far as what the heck the committee is all about! for a while, i was confused. i'll probably post something from one of the events sometime.

4. balls around the block. sounds pretty vulgar...and i think in the beginning it actually was, but it has evolved. bottom line? it's a pub crawl downtown to bars literally around the block. we also raised money for a cause. i think this year was for a dog park to be built. there were 5 of us that participated and it was a blast! at each bar there were drink specials just for us crawlers and we had a good time meeting our team. Go Team Righteous Room!
this is bethany and i with our team leader...of our first team. we decided that we didn't like our first team, so we bailed and joined the boys on another team at another bar. we had to fear the deserted team the remainder of the night!
5. i've had this desire to go to a dance class for a while now. i used to dance when i was a child (hello mildred lyons!), but haven't done it (besides in a bar or club) since. my friend bethany has been going to the cincinnati ballet for a while and so i have joined her on a couple of occasions. the thing abou this class is that they don't necessarily teach you the steps, but you get to flail around the studio while trying to learn the steps. the more you go to the class, the more you learn the dances, the more of a workout you get. hmph. but it is fun, i promise!

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