Saturday, May 15, 2010


We have some updating...

I got the job at Cincinnati Children's! I got the job at Cincinnati Children's! I got the official offer this week and I couldn't help but do a little dance of excitement when I got the call.

I have orientation the week of June 21, so I'll be starting once all the physicals, orientations, trainings and such are completed.

We are also closing on our house next Friday. Couldn't be more excited! I feel like the 30 days inbetween our initial offer and our closing date is DRAGGING! Can't May 21 get here any quicker?

In the mean time, we've been packing and our dining room looks like a storage room more than anything else. Not that it ever really looked like a dining room anyway in the past couple years as most of our wedding gifts have been piled there since we got married! It'll be like Christmas once we open all of the boxes and get to put them away in their permanent home. Aah...

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