Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secret Pregnancy Oddities

There are some things that happen to your body when you're pregnant that I had never heard mentioned until I was pregnant. Some things I didn't know until I read a book, others I didn't know until I talked to my friends who have been pregnant.

Allow me to share with you some of these little pregnancy oddities:

1. Mucus and boogers - Seriously. I feel like i'm constantly blowing my nose to get the snot and boogers out, or sadly, sticking a digit up there. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. No juding.

2. Skin tags - Who knew? They pop up in random places. Luckily, they fall off after giving birth. I'm looking forward to several on my body going away. There's even one on my face!

3. Extra hair - I guess i have more hair. I don't notice the fullness as much, but I do notice the lack of hair that comes out in the shower. Plus, it does take a tad longer to dry. I like that I'm not shedding all over the place. Stay tuned to after pregnancy when it all falls out!

4. Longer and stronger nails - I find myself hitting the delete/backspace button a lot! Also, texting. I find myself doing the same thing when texting. Thridly, as I found out this morning, I'm having a hard time clasping necklaces! Unfortunately, Brent had already left for work so I was on my own. I spent what seemed like 10 minutes trying to get my darned necklace on that I gave up and ended up wearing a different necklace that my nails could handle. Note to self - cut nails soon!

5. Bleeding gums - not a lot, but just a little tint of red when you spit into the sink. With continued regular flossing and brushing, it goes away.

6. Clumsy hands - now, this one was a complete shock to me. With pregnancy, ligaments are looser in the body. And guess what? That means I get to say "oops" a lot. So if there are stains on my shirt, it's not from my mouth not catching the food, it's because my hands dropped the food in transit. I'm clumsy anyway, so sometimes, it's a nice excuse!

7. Growing feet - and it's permanent. I haven't experiecned it yet, but I keep waiting for my shoes to get tight. I don't know if I'll experience it as much since I'm not shoving my feet into boots or other cold weather shoes. Flip flops do allow for a lot of movement.

8. Bad eye sight - and dry eyes!

9. Leg cramps - I wake up almost at least once a night with a leg cramp. It's just a Charlie Horse that goes away when you flex your foot, but still.

Pregnancy is such an awesome, unique and yet, weird thing that goes on inside the body. Everyday I feel this little life move around inside of me and I can't help but think of what's to come!

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