Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kick! Kick!

Feeling that baby kick inside you is such an awesome, surreal and odd feeling all at the same time. Of course, being a first-timer, I've not known what to expect. What's it going to feel like? Was that a "flutter" or "gas bubbles"? I've been waiting to feel kicks from baby and often second guessing "was that a kick or just indigestion?". After our ultrasound last Monday, and I was laying on the couch relishing in the fact that the baby's identity was more solidified and I felt a few movements. I knew right then that those were kicks.

I then realized that I had been feeling kicks days earlier, I just didn't comprehend what was going on. I guess it took me sitting quietly to notice what was going on down below. Now that I've felt her kick officially, I feel her kick all throughout the day! Brent's hand has been on my belly constantly waiting for that moment that he can finally feel the movement that I've been feeling (for all of 10 days...officially).

We were at the movie theatre on Monday (who knew a movie theatre on a holiday weekend, on the actual holiday mind you, on a beautiful day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon would be packed, but it I digress...) where we saw Bridesmaids (Hilarious movie! - I think I may have liked it better than Hangover 2...again, I digress). Anyway, baby was kicking and so naturally, I put my hand on my belly to feel it and I realized that I could feel it on my hand. Not just on the inside, but I could feel baby kick on the outside! That meant that Brent could possibly feel it! So, in the middle of the movie, I picked up Brent's hand to put it on my belly. He gave me a look like "what are you doing?? we're in the middle of a movie theatre...", but then, he felt baby kick! He looked at me and we had a little "moment" right there in the movie theatre on Memorial Day watching Bridesmaids.

Tear. That's one for the baby book.


  1. I was there for the special movie moment! :) So awesome. Can't wait to meet her!