Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boy or Girl?

On Monday Brent and I had our big 20 week ultrasound and learned the sex of our baby. I won't keep you in's a girl! Start thinking pink!
I have to say that ultrasounds are so do need a little bit of a detective hat to determine what the heck you're looking at, but our tech seemed very knowledgeable and luckily had her hat on tight. We had a plan of the tech writing down the sex of the baby and then inserting it into an envelope and sealing it for us to take home. Brent and I wanted to learn of the news in a private setting vs. in a sterile examination room with a strange person sharing it with us. The detective-hat-wearing tech obliged and did it even better. She had us look away when she was down looking at the 'private parts'. She then printed out a picture of the "money shot" labeling the sex and put it in the sealed envelope.

Our ultrasound appointment was at 2pm and we didn't open up the envelope to reveal the surprise until almost 9pm. Brent and I first had to live through a tornado warning (Brent was at a high school during that time and I was at the hospital working) and then we met up at home later for the big reveal. We were very surprised! People kept guessing boy and I think I adopted that feeling too, for whatever reason. But in the past few days, I had this gut feeling that maybe, perhaps, it wasn't a boy, but a girl. And by-gosh-by-golly, I was right!

There you have it folks, a girl! It was about time the Davis family had another girl - we've been outnumbered for too long! There will now be a total of 3 blood-Davis ladies in the family. All of the other Davis ladies have married ino the name. Crazy, I know!

Shopping now has a whole new dimension...dangerous!

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