Monday, February 13, 2012

4 months!

Abby is now 4 months old!
  • After sleeping through the night (not-waking-up-at-all-except-maybe-once-to-be-soothed-back-to-sleep-after-5-minutes through the night) for 5 straight nights, we decided that Abby no longer should have her arms swaddled in tight.  Sleeping through the night was no more as there was a period of adjustment.  She's getting used to her arms being out and waking up times are decreasing. 
  • She's turning her head and body to turn to look at things above her when she's lying on her back.  She looks funny doing this - Brent and I call it the "torticolis turn"  Sometimes she'll sleep in that position.  Surely does not look comfortable to me.  The picture below is a picture of our video monitor.  P.S. We (I shouldn't speak for Brent, but I) LOVE the video monitor!
  • She loves to look around at all the sights and sounds.  There are times when she's leaning forward to try to get out of her carseat to get a better look at things.  I have a sling that I put her in that allows her to be upright a little bit more than the carseat and she can see everything in sight!  Plus she's close to me and I love it!
  • She loves to "sing" and be sung to. 
  • I couldn't decide on 4 month pictures, so you're getting them all!  They were all great for one reason or another.  Enjoy! 

I forsee Lacey and Abby being great friends! 

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