Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exersaucer Exercise

We have now entered into the world of "we have to keep baby entertained".  Sometimes she is okay just watching the world go by, but in the confines of our house, sometimes it can get boring, so having lots of toys and things to stimulate her are a must.  One of the favorites is the exersaucer.  We seem to make the rounds - exersaucer, bumbo, activity mat, tummy time, being propped up and repeat.  Of course we add in lots of cuddle and snuggle time! 

This is the first time in the exersaucer - Jan 29, 2012.  She loved it!

Abby says "Thanks Aunt Megan and Uncle Kevin for letting me borrow the exersaucer.  There's so many things to do and look at on here. My mommy and daddy love that I love it!"

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