Wednesday, August 6, 2014

40 weeks

Here we are at 40 weeks.  I thought this day would never come.  It seemed like the first trimester dragged on and on.  Then BAM!  We're at 40 weeks.  I really do enjoy being pregnant, but being THIS pregnant is not meant to last long.  This little guy is very squirmy and I often have body parts poking out of my belly.  Sometimes it hurts too!  

Mom and Dad have arrived and are we are all awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy.  They arrived soon after 39 weeks after we got scared at the doctor's office and requested their arrival.  They have enjoyed spending time with Abby and I know Abby has enjoyed the attention from them.  I have to say too that I've enjoyed the peace of mind they have brought knowing that they'll be here with Abby when Baby Boy does decide to come.  It also doesn't hurt that Mom has taken over the laundry and cooking!  They're spoiling us!

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