Sunday, August 3, 2014

St. John's Festival

Tonight we went to St. John's Festival.  It was a great night and I think Abby had a great time!  We passed by a face painting booth and after pointing it out to her, she was quite adamant that she wanted to get her face painted.  She initially wanted a huge butterfly on her whole face, but with little convincing, we chose balloons on her cheek.

Nama and Papa are in town for the Great Baby Watch 2.0 and so we all had fun enjoying the festival through Abby's eyes.  Of course, there were rides!  Brent and I didn't think Abby would want to ride any of them since she tends to be a bit on the timid side, but after watching a few rides, she decided that she wanted to ride on the swings.  I was nervous that she would be all excited before the ride started and then once it began spinning around and around, she would freak.  We were so mistaken!  Abby loved the spinning swing!  She even rode it a second time!   We were then going to leave and saw the potato sack slide.  She did that slide 2 times too - once with Papa and once with Nama!  She is getting so grown up and independent!  

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