Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Months

Abby is 2 months old! 
Time is already flying.  Slow down, please!

We went to the pediatrician for her 2 month check up.  She's doing very well.  She weighed in at 12 lbs 6.75 oz. and measuring 24 inches long.  Sounds chunky, but she's a long baby. 


She smiles all the time - of course, never when there's a camera in her face.  She coos and gurgles constantly.  I love hearing her "talk" to us as it's usually attached to getting some smiles.  That in itself can make a crappy day turn into a better one instantly. 

She's batting at toys on her activity gym or anything else we dangle in front of her. 

She's sleeping great - I can giver her last feeding around 9:00 and she'll sleep through to 4 or 5, sometimes 6 am.  I know that in time, she'll drop that feeding and she'll wake up at 7am ready to face the day. 

She likes to listen to music, Mom and Dad sing.  She also likes books read to her.  She'll stop flailing her arms and legs around to listen.  When we're out and someone else is holding Abby, as soon as she hears my voice, she'll turn towards me.  It's crazy how she knows my voice and be able to locate it. 

Brent and I have been out twice (!) without Abby.  Once was to Brent's Annual SWOCA (Southwest Ohio Chiropractic Association) Christmas at Jag's.  Yum.  We had Stephanie come up to play with Abby and put her to bed.  The second time was just a few days later when Brent and I went to 2 Christmas parties that weren't child appropriate.  We had our friends, Tara and Graham, come over to watch Abby.  I put Abby to sleep a little early so all Tara and Graham had to do was be in the house.  We enticed them with cable and Playstation.

I have no idea why this picture is rotated and I can't figure out how to rotate it back...so instead, just tilt your head to the left. 

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