Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Exchange

When the girls were in town over Halloween (remember that? - Abby was just 2 weeks old!), we thought it'd be fun to have the kids exchange gifts for Christmas. 

I drew names for everyone.  Abby drew Jane Johnivan (2) who lives in Texas.  Her mom told me that she'll be opening up the gift on Christmas.  Ethan Bisher drew Abby.  When Abby and I were at the Bisher house this week, Ethan gave Abby his gift.  Notice the blue Tiffany's bag!  Since Abby is relatively new to the world, I told Stephanie (Ethan's mom) that Abby didn't need much - she had plenty of clothes and toys.  So, she opted for something more sentimental. 

This is also the first time Abby is sitting in a bumbo.  Thanks Stephanie for allowing us to borrow the bumbo (and the activity mat...and the breastfriend...and maternity clothes...and nursing bras...)

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