Wednesday, July 23, 2014

38 weeks

Here we are at 38 weeks.  
Sleeping has been difficult.  I seem to get up 2-3 times per night to go to the bathroom.  And then I have a difficult time falling back asleep.  I have been saying this whole summer that I'm so thankful I'm on summer break and not working while I'm think pregnant.  With my job, I'm wrangling preschoolers, crawling on the floor, getting up and down off the floor and it's just not pretty or sometimes safe to be this pregnant with special needs preschoolers.  

I began a baby hunch on a website so others can guess when this little guy will arrive along with some other fun things - weight, height, time of birth, and first initial (since we're not sharing the name we have chosen).  

If you'd like to play, simply click the link provided below to submit your hunches!
IMPORTANT: The password for this pool is: babyboy
Once you visit the page, click 'Enter New Hunches' to submit your hunches...

          Click Here for Baby Cullen 2.0

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