Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Week in Review

Brent and I have survived one week as parents.  We came home on day two and since then we've been figuring out our new life at home as a family of three.  Of course, we've had some assistance.  My mom and dad came into town for the birth and stayed to help out.  Dad left to go back to KC since he considered himself a fifth wheel at the house.  Mom stayed and has been great helping out with meals and laundry. 

Abby's making a face, but she was fussy and so it was hard to get a good shot!

One week stats:

3 - number of showers taken by Mommy
2 - number of projectile poops
1 - number of projectile vomit
1 - number of comforter AND duvet cover needing to be washed because of said projectile vomit
5 - number of consecutive hours slept by Abby on our second night home!
9 - number of diaper changes in a day
4 - number of different non-human napping locations
2 - number of sound machines used in our house
12 - number of loads of laundry laundered
17 - number of times a day we have to tell Lacey to not lick Abby
0 - number of football games Brent has gotten to watch that he has cared about
2 - number of times Abby has been left with Brent while I go to out
3 - average number of times I wake up to feed Abby in the night
0 - number of take out meals we've eaten (thanks to friends and family bringing in food and Mom cooking!)
4 - number in pecking order Lacey has dropped to since Abby has arrived
1 - number of bad nicknames created (by Grandpa Jake)
37 - number of times we've heard "Grandpas can do whatever we want"

Brent's hand in the corner was necessary to help Lacey "stay".  Brent says "it's hard to get all his ladies to do the same thng at the same time"

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