Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still No Baby...

Sometimes I forget to update the blog...I assume (you know what that spells!) that everyone is on Facebook and they're getting baby updates from that medium, not my blog.  Forgive me.  My non-Facebook or non-regular Facebook users remind to update the masses on the goings on in my abdomen. 

Obviously, my due date of 10/6/11 has come...and gone.  I worked my last day at Children's on 10/5/11 and I worked my last day at Butler County DD on 10/7/11. 

I'm officially on maternity leave!  It feels nice.  It feels nice that I have nothing to focus on except to relax and enjoy the quiet.  Usually on the weekends, I see that as a ticking time bomb to get a gazillion things done that I'm usually so hyped up to get those things done that I don't get time to relax on my couch.  And when I do, I feel guilty that I'm not doing something else.  But now?  I felt just fine lumping it on the couch this weekend and doing nothing...waiting for the inevitable: signs of labor. 

After I left work on 10/7 (Friday), Brent and I had an ultrasound scheduled.  An ultrasound is routine for mothers who go beyond their due date.  The focus was to check to make sure baby is active enough and there is enough amniotic fluid.  Baby girl passed with flying colors.  She showed us her practice breathing skills as we watched some body part (don't know if it was her diaphragm or stomach) dilate and constrict.  She had her hands in front of her face and I'm pretty sure we saw her sucking on her hand.  But we did get a clear shot of was her female parts.  She wanted us to know that she in fact was a girl.  That was good to get confirmation on...I often wondered if our baby girl was hiding as a baby boy.  Nope.  She's a girl.  We saw her "hamburger buns" as the ultrasound tech called it. 

Today, I have a doctor's appointment.  Now my appointments are 2 times a week.  Whew.  Today's objective is to do a non-stress test.  I guess this is going to measure the activity level of baby and compare them with any contractions I have??  I think?  When we scheduled this appointment, it was the secretary that informed us that we were having this test done.  Not the doctor.  Makes total sense, right?  That's my HUGE gripe about my doctor's office - I feel like a number and not a person...maybe that's the medical profession.  Brent talks about how he talks with his patients at his office, so I assumed (there's that assume word again!) seeing my OB office on a regular basis would be the same.  I'm not a regular doctor's office visitor, so I've never had the opportunity to build that rapport.  And I digress....

Mom and Dad are hopping in the car today to make their way over to Cincinnati to become Grandparents! 

Stay tuned for any announcements!

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