Sunday, October 30, 2011

You know you're a mother when...

I am in the midst of late night-middle of the night-early morning feedings.  Every night I hear Abby stirring in the bassinet set up next to my side of the bed and I swoop her up before she totally wakes up and starts screaming.  I sit in the bed with Abby attached to me as I try to stay awake myself.  After each feeding, I carefully place Abby back in the bassinet hoping that she'll fall right back to sleep.  Once that has been secured, I quickly lay back down into bed for another few hours before I do the process again.  On a couple of occasions, I would snuggle into my pillow to feel a cold sensation as my shirt rubbed against my chin.  I think "ooh, is that spit up on my shirt?".  I lean my head down to move my nose closer to the suspected wet spot on my shirt.  I smell it and it doesn't smell like spit up.  I then lean my head back and go to sleep.  And even when it does smell like spit up, I still lean my head back and go to sleep. 

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