Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Week of Summer

I am so thrilled to be off work for the summer!  And I'm even more thrilled to spend some quality time with Abby doing fun summer activities.  

I didn't waste any time packing in our summer fun!  On the first official day of summer, Abby and I went to the zoo with Steph, Ethan and Cole.  The weather was perfect and although there was a backup getting into the parking lot and into the zoo itself, the crowd seemed to dissipate as we made our way through the zoo.  I pulled Abby and Ethan in the wagon (which they did great staying seated while I pulled) and Steph pushed Cole in the stroller.  As I mentioned the weather was superb and the kids were even better.  No meltdowns, no moments of "where did my child go?!", and we all had a great time!  

We didn't see all the animals on this trip, but we did see lots of animals that Abby loved identifying: duck, turtle, bear, fish, snake, lion.  Abby rode the train for the first time - last time we came she fell asleep and so I got to wait around while Steph rode with Ethan (Cole didn't exist yet).  We packed a lunch and found a shaded table to eat before we left for the day.  That's the beauty of going with someone who has a zoo membership, we can stay for short periods and then leave knowing we can go again another day!  Thanks Steph for sharing your zoo pass with us!  I look forward to taking Abby again soon.  I think we'll be going several times this summer.  

Abby looks like she's going incognito with her flapped hat and sunglasses.  But a fair skinned girl has got to do what a fair skinned girl has got to do!  She doesn't mind wearing the hat or sunglasses, so I'm thankful I'm not fighting that battle.  

A few days after the zoo, Abby and I trekked up to Lima to do some strawberry picking!  I stayed with my Sue and Dennis (Brent's mother and step-dad) for the night and the next day headed out to meet up with Steph, Ethan, Cole and Di (Steph's mom).  The kids were generally pretty good while the adults picked strawberries.  We did have to do some crowd control, but the kids did allow 3 adults to pick 7 buckets of strawberries.  


 I think this last photo is one of my favorites of the day.  The other favorite is the photo of Abby and Ethan holding hands!  Ethan was initially grabbing Abby's hand to hold, but after a few pictures he was done and when we tried to get 'just one more', we kept telling Ethan to take Abby 's hand.  Abby was the one who reached out to grab Ethan's hand.  It was a very cute moment!  

Abby loved picking (and eating) strawberries!  She entertained herself pretty well by walking up and down the narrow aisles with an empty bucket in the crook of her arm.  She'd walk up one aisle touch Steph's back, walk back down the aisle, go down the next aisle and touch my back then turn around and go up Steph's aisle.  Over and over again.  Some like to call it OCD, but I'd like to see it as "typical toddler repetition" and a well behaved child.  

Abby conked out before we hit the highway so I continued on to made the trek back home to West Chester.  

Summer is shaping up well!  What else is in store for us this summer?  Stay tuned!  

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