Saturday, June 22, 2013

Third Week of Summer

The third week of summer started out eventful and then turned a different kind of eventful...

Tuesday began by going to the zoo with my friend Jill and her two boys.  It was raining and so we were on the fence with whether we should actually go or not.  I'm glad we did because the rain cleared out quickly and it was gorgeous!  

After the zoo, Abby crashed in the car on the way home and continued to take a good nap before our evening activity began.  Abby went to her first Reds game!  

On the way down to the Reds game she ate 2 1/2 chicken nuggets and several french fries
(Thanks Mc D's).  Then while we were at the game she ate her dinner I had packed - hot dog, string cheese, strawberries, blueberries and an applesauce pouch.  She also had a few peanuts and some pretzel from neighbors.  
Not to mention a sippy up of milk on the way down and then a whole sippy cup of water while she was at the game.  Needless to say, she ate a lot of food!  And guess what happened?  She woke up in the morning and displayed her food all around her crib.  Greaaaaaat.  I don't think it was any allergic reaction, I think she just ate too much.  

Abby and Daddy got to go to the pool together (without Mommy).  That's still a work in progress...  Abby isn't comfortable in the water, but I think we just need to expose her more often.  Abby is a cautious one so she's not the type to just jump in without fear (I may count my blessings later...).  There were tears and lots of clinging to Daddy.  

A couple days later, we went to the pool again and there was improvement in Abby's attitude towards the H2O.  It also helps that Lily was there (who's not as cautious and more dare devilish) and Abby is a monkey-see-monkey-do kind of gal.  So she was jumping in and was even wearing Lily's 'water wings' and loved gliding through the water.  I promptly bought some off of Amazon when we got home.  

This summer is shaping up great! Abby is getting to experience lots of things and I'm enjoying sharing it with her!  

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