Friday, June 13, 2014

Bath Time!

This is our bath time routine at our house.  While we have several toys available during bath time, Abby somehow doesn't feel the need to always pull every toy into the water.  Sometimes she is just content with a cup and a washcloth.  I had to catch her looking up for this photo - she was rather intent on dripping water from the washcloth into the bath.  Aha!  Caught her!  

 I'm prepared for the post bath rub down.  I have my supplies on hand: pajamas, underwear, lotion, comb and q-tips.  Abby began wearing underwear to bed several weeks ago.  She had been waking up from naps and night time with a dry diaper so we threw some underwear on her.  Haven't had a major accident yet (where's the wood to knock on?).  She's woken up a couple times with wet underwear/pajamas, but the bed was dry.  Whew.  

 Abby likes to run around naked after the bath.  We usually have to wrangle her to stop climbing/running and put on her pajamas.  Her new thing is to dance around while singing "I'm naked, I'm naked!"  We can't help but chuckle at her because she is just so darn cute.  She also likes to "jump into the pool" by climbing onto the footstool on the other side of the chair and then leaping over the arm of the chair "into the pool".  I have no idea why she calls it "jumping into the pool", but we try to discourage it as all I can imagine is her chin or head jamming into the other arm of the chair.  Ai yi yi.  

 Abby then decides that she needs to come in for a "snuggle"  I take this opportunity to comb her hair.  Look how long it's getting!  She has yet to have a haircut and I think we're ready for that next "first".  

 When I put on lotion, I like to give her a mini massage.  She then likes to get a small dollop of lotion so she can put some on too.  

 Time to clean the ears!  Abby claims that there are either monkeys or dinosaurs in her ears.  When I show her the q-tip afterwards, she always exclaims "eww, gross!"...whether it's clean or not and she'll say it even before she sees the q-tip.

  Abby can now get dressed completely by herself...well almost.  She needs us to take off her shirt, and only needs minimal help to put a shirt on.  She also has difficulty putting on socks.  Otherwise, she can take on and off shoes, underwear, pants/shorts/skirts and jackets too.  In the morning or evening, I will give her a task of taking off X, Y, Z or put on X, Y, Z and I can then walk away and leave her to it.  She will announce afterwards "I got dressed by myself!".  You sure did, Abby Doo!  

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