Friday, June 27, 2014

Dayton Dragons

Brent won 4 tickets to go to a Dayton Dragons game.  Who are the Dayton Dragons?  I didn't know either.  They're the minor leage team from Dayton.  We invited Brent's buddy Bryan Bueter and his wife, Jen.  This is the picture the guide took of us on the field - a perk with our prize package!  Whew - look at the belly of mine!  

Brent and I dropped Abby off at Aunt Megan and Uncle Kevin's house for the evening while Brent and I enjoyed a night out before baby #2 arrived.  Nothing like going to a summer evening event outside being 34 weeks pregnant!  But it was a gorgeous evening for a ball game! 

With Brent's prize package, we also got a tour of the 'behind the scenes' and got vouchers for food and beverages.  While I didn't watch much of the game or really know who the heck the opposing team was, it was a fun night out!  

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