Saturday, June 14, 2014

Big Girl Bed!

Brent and I have been trying to figure how/when we were going to do this whole bed and bedroom transition.  We were originally going to move Abby into the other room where the big bed was.  We had a queen bed in stock, so  we weren't interested in buying another bed, and getting rid of a place for our guests to sleep.  So Abby was going from a crib to a queen bed!  I didn't sleep in a queen bed until I was 24 and she's sleeping in one at 2!  But that's how it goes.  Since time was becoming an issue (the baby will be here in 8 short weeks!) we rethought our plan.  We decided to move the bed into Abby's current room and move the crib into the other room.  Abby's room is smaller and keeping the queen bed in the other room was ideal, but with the time crunch, this plan is more ideal.  Abby was SO GIDDY about this new bed.  It was adorable to watch her reaction to the new bed and being so excited to sleep in it.  

Update: Abby did FABULOUS the first night.  She went right to sleep and she woke up the next day stating "I didn't fall out!"  It's been a week in her new bed and she has yet (where's that wood again to knock on?) to climb out and find us if she wakes up.  In the morning, she'll do what she did in the crib - call out of us.  She won't get out until we come in her room.  Naps have been great too.  She seems to even fall asleep faster in her bed than she did in the crib.  Hmph.

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