Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend & More Friends and Family

We had a busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend!  Brent, Abby, Lacey and I traveled up to Lima to spend Thanksgiving with Brent's family.  This was our first overnight trip with a newborn.  Needless to say, our car was packed to the gills with dog necessities and baby paraphernalia.  Dog crate, pack 'n' play, Abby's bag, Lacey's bag, Mommy and Daddy's bag, breast pump stuff, vibrating/bouncy seat (that ended up staying in the car all weekend), diaper bag...  I had the dilemma of trying to think about how many diapers and burp clothes I needed for our time away.  How many did I actually use in a day?  Whatever my answer was, I added just a few more just in case!   
Grandpa Big Dowg

Dennis (Grandpa Big Dowg) has met Abby before, but I failed to capture the first moment.  The gown Abby is wearing above was a gift from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jim Mittelkamp.  We love those gowns!  It allows Abby to remain somewhat asleep while changing her at night.  Hopefully soon, she'll start sleeping through the night...before she outgrows the gowns! 

While at Yak's house, Abby created a really nice present in her diaper that decided to spill out onto her belly.  That's what happens when you comebine tummy time and "loaded" gas!   Eew! (Who is Yak and why does she have such a strange name?  Yak is a very close family friend.  And her name?  Well, she has the gift of gab and the name has stuck so much that she often doesn't respond when someone calls her by her real name!)  
Uncle Kevin - he's met Abby several times, but this is their first photo together.
  Several minutes after this photo, Abby was fast asleep in Kevin's arms.  He's got the touch!

Pete got to meet and hold Abby before Di did...we were all surprised by that event!  Di was so anxious to snatch Abby from Pete's arms that Abby got rustled in the process.  So there were extraneous photos of them trying to console Abby while also smiling for the camera.   Let me tell you, they weren't pretty photos!  The best result is a photo of Abby appearing to be smothered.  (Who are these smothering people you might ask?  Pete and Di are parents of my good friend Stephanie Bisher.)
No child was really smothered in the taking of this photo. 

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